What happens during the operation?

When the kidney is removed, the surgeon also takes the artery, vein and ureter (urine tube) of this kidney. 

During your operation, the surgeon will make a 15–20 cm long cut in your lower abdomen, near your groin. This can either be on the left or right side of your body. 

Your surgeon will place the new kidney inside your body and join the artery and vein of the transplanted kidney to the main artery and vein in your pelvis. The ureter from the transplanted kidney is then joined to your bladder.

The surgeon will also place a urinary catheter in your bladder to help drain the urine made by your transplanted kidney. 

A catheter is a hollow plastic tube that looks like a straw. The urine will go into a drain bag.

Your diseased kidneys are not removed during the transplant operation and will stay inside your body.