When do I go to hospital?

Live kidney transplant

You will be admitted to hospital the day before your operation. 

You will need to have a final medical examination at this time to make sure you are still healthy enough to have surgery. 

You will need to have more blood tests, an ECG, a chest X-ray and a physical examination by one of the transplant doctors. 

You will have already done these tests as part of your workup, but they need to be repeated just before your operation as well.

Occasionally, these tests show up a problem that wasn’t picked up during the workup. 

This might mean that the kidney transplant can’t go ahead. 

If this happens, it will be very upsetting for you, your family and your donor.

Deceased kidney transplant

Remember you may be called into hospital at any time day or night. Make sure you can always be contacted by phone. Sometimes your transplant may not go ahead because the kidney was unsuitable for transplanting. If this happens, it will be very upsetting for you and your family.