You will need to have a number of tests to make sure that it is safe for you to donate a kidney. You can call a transplant coordinator in your area for further information, see coordinator contacts.

Most donors do not have any change in their health after donating a kidney. Remember you will have one kidney so it is important that you stay healthy and don't put on weight after your operation.

You can donate to a person with a different blood group. However you do need to be a tissue match to be compatible. This is one of the tests you will do.

The tests can take 4–6 months to complete depending on the tests you need to do. Then you might need to wait a further 2–3 months for a date for your  operation.

The operation takes about 3 hours. Most donors stay in hospital 2–3 days.

Most donors take between  6–12 weeks off work depending on how quickly you recover.

You may be eligible for compensation if you lose earnings while you recuperate. Loss of earnings may be paid up to 12 weeks following the date of your operation, but most people go back to work usually within 6 weeks.

Read more about compensation for loss of earnings on the Ministry of Health website: Live organ donation and Compensation for loss of earnings.