Who will I be dealing with if I have a kidney transplant?

You will have to see different health professionals at different times before and after your transplant.

Kidney doctor (specialist) – This is your main health professional and the member of the team that you will probably see most often throughout your life. They have overall responsibility for your treatment.

Transplant co-ordinator – The co-ordinator organises tests and appointments, and will tell you what you need to do next. This is the first person you should call if you have any questions about what is happening.

Transplant surgeon – This is the person who will be doing your operation. They are specialists in performing kidney transplant surgery. You will see them after the transplant operation while you are still recovering in hospital.

Transplant doctor (specialist) – This doctor could be the same person as your kidney doctor or a different doctor. Your transplant doctor is a specialist who will look after you in the first few days or weeks after the transplant operation. When the transplant doctor is satisfied, you will be handed back to your own kidney doctor (if this is a different person). 

Dietitian – This person will give you advice about healthy eating.

Hospital psychologist or psychiatrist – This person specialises in the human mind and emotions, and will talk to you about how you are feeling about the transplant. They will help you deal with any concerns you might have.

Social worker – This person can help you with personal and financial problems, transport problems or problems with your benefits.