About this book

This book should be read in consultation with a qualified health practitioner.

Being A Recipient

Information about live kidney transplantation 
for people with kidney disease

The purpose of this guide is to give people with kidney disease information about receiving a kidney transplant from a live donor. 

This guide has general information about live kidney transplants. This guide has been written to support the information you get from your health professional.

It’s important that you talk to your health professionals and family and friends before you decide to go ahead with a live kidney transplant.

You should bring a printed version of this guide to all meetings you have with health professionals (including kidney doctors, transplant co-ordinators and others) about live kidney donation.

There are also two guides available for people who are thinking of becoming live kidney donors. The first donor guide is called Becoming a live kidney donor – General information to help you decide. This first guide gives information to help people decide if they want to become a live kidney donor. 

The second donor guide is called Live kidney donation – Information for donors about the tests, the operation and what life will be like after donation. This guide has been written for people who have already decided they want to go ahead and become a live kidney donor. It is available only as a hardcopy book and must be requested from a health practitioner.

People who want information about becoming a live kidney donor can get these booklets from transplant co-ordinators or by calling Live Kidney Donation Aotearoa on 0800 LIVE DONOR – 0800 5483 36667.