How will my life be better?

For most recipients, their lives are completely different after a kidney transplant.

If you have been on dialysis, you will not need dialysis any more. 

If you have a pre-emptive kidney transplant, you won’t need to go on dialysis.

You will have more energy and greater freedom to do what you want.

You will be able to take part in activities you weren’t able to before. These could include working, travelling or playing sports. 

You will be able to eat and drink a greater range of food and drink.

For most people, sexual function improves after a kidney transplant and many women have successful pregnancies. 

However, if you are thinking of having a baby, you will need to first talk to your kidney specialist. 

Many health professionals recommend that you wait for a year after your transplant before getting pregnant. 

If you get pregnant, you will need to see a doctor who specialises in high-risk pregnancies as well as a midwife. 

For many recipients, the best thing about having a new kidney is that they are able to spend better quality time with their family and friends and can look forward to a longer life.