Your transplant operation

Live kidney donor transplant

Live kidney donation means that both you and your donor will have an operation.

The operation lasts about 3 hours.

In this operation, a kidney is taken out of your donor and then placed (transplanted) into your body.

You and your donor will be operated on the same day and usually in the same hospital. Usually you will be in the Intensive Care Unit after your operation and your donor will be in a ward.

Both you and your donor will have a general anaesthetic for your operation.

Deceased kidney donor transplant

You will be called into hospital when a compatible kidney is available. This could be any time, day or night. That means you

  • always need to be able to be contacted by phone
  • you need a plan about how you will get to the hospital (e.g. family or friends). Talk to your co‑ordinator or social worker about transport.