What follow-up will I have after my transplant?

You will need to have blood tests done every day for at least 4 weeks after your transplant. 

This also includes the first week when you are still in hospital.

When you are discharged from hospital, you have to come back to the hospital where you had your transplant every day for these tests for at least the first month. You will then be transferred to your local hospital.

If your new kidney is working well, these blood tests will then be reduced to three times a week, then twice a week, then weekly, then monthly.

Generally, once you don’t need to have blood tests every week, you can have your tests done at your local hospital or clinic. 

These blood tests are very important because they show if your new kidney is working properly.

If there are problems with your new kidney, the kidney specialists need to know immediately so they can adjust your medicine or order more tests.

You will need to have a plan in place for how you are going to get to and from the hospital for these tests.

One year after the transplant, most recipients will be having a check up every 3–6 months.