What are the benefits of a kidney transplant?

With a successful live or deceased donor kidney transplant, you will:

  • no longer need dialysis
  • have much greater freedom about what you eat and drink
  • have a more normal lifestyle – for example, you will be able to travel.​

If you are a woman, you might be able to get pregnant. Many women have successful pregnancies and healthy children after a transplant.

There are a number of reasons that it is better to get a kidney from a live donor than a deceased donor.

The main advantage of live donor kidney transplants is that a kidney from a live donor usually works for longer than a kidney from a deceased donor.

Another advantage of live kidney donation is that the kidney is usually transplanted into the recipient as soon as it is taken out of the donor. The transplant operation can be booked in advance and proceed more smoothly. 

There will never be enough deceased donor kidneys in New Zealand. 

More New Zealanders are getting end-stage kidney disease and needing a kidney transplant, and the number of deceased donors is not increasing. 

Getting a kidney from a live donor is quicker, and the shorter the time you have on dialysis, the healthier your body will be.