Maria Teinakore

Renal Health Educator

Diploma in Social Services

I am of Cook Island and Tongan descent and I have been a social worker for over 14yrs.

I am currently studying for my degree in Social Work.

My experience has been in Care and Protection (CYFS), Community (Manukau Family Start) and Health Social Work, I am currently working within Middlemore Hospital as part of the Medical Social Workers Team (5yrs).

My role within the LKD team is to support patients and family members make an informed decision that will ‘change a life’.  This will be done by Home based sessions with other Live Kidney Donation staff to deliver a relaxed education session to all families that have shown an interest in live kidney donation.

I will help assist as best as possible with any social supports needed for live donors.

I also help promote Live Kidney donation wherever required in my role