Caran Barratt-Boyes

Member of Project Advisory Board

Senior Community Coordinator

Caran Barratt-Boyes is a Maori Community liaison worker attached to the Whitiora Diabetes Service at CMDHB for more than 20 years.

Caran has a special interest in Primary Care, Women’s Health, and different models of health care delivery. She acted as a special adviser to the Ministry of Health funded Let’s Beat Diabetes Project and she has advised multiple different services within the CMDHB on ways of improving outpatient clinic attendance particularly for Maori and Pacific patients.

In June 2009, the Minister of Health authorised the conduct of the first clinical trial of xenotransplantation in New Zealand in the modern era (DIA-06 study). The authorisation was subject to conditions imposed by the Northern X Health and Disability Ethics Committee (NTX/07/06/064). The Northern X HDEC had recommended that an independent health advocate should participate in the informed consent process. This was a key requirement for ethics approval of the study.

Caran Barratt-Boyes was nominated for this role based on her long experience of working with diabetic patients in a secondary care environment and in the community, her natural compassion and empathy with diabetic patients, and her sense of natural justice. Caran performed this role very well.

Caran has now been invited to perform a similar independent health advocate role for the Phase I clinical trial of the regenerative cell therapy NTCELL® – a potential treatment for Parkinson’s disease.

Caran is an independent health advocate and has no association with NTCELL., and Living Cell Technologies.