How long will it take before I can donate my kidney?

The time from making first contact with the transplant team to the transplant operation can take between 4 and 12 months.

Your transplant co-ordinator is there to 

  • help you know what tests you have to do
  • let you know about your results, and
  • what you need to do next.

Talk to your transplant co-ordinator about the best way for them to contact you (mobile, text, email, phone). Also make sure you know the best way to contact your transplant co-ordinator. If you want to do your tests as quickly as possible then talk to your co-ordinator about how this can happen.

And if something happens in your life and you want to delay your tests for a while then talk to your co-ordinator about how that could work. The renal team don’t want to put pressure on you to donate your kidney so the team might not contact you about your tests.

But the role of your transplant co-ordinator is to stay in contact with you so you know what is happening.