How does the peer support programme work?

When you agree to be contacted by a peer support person, the programme manager will call you and find out a little more about you so that you can be put in touch with the peer support person most like you.

The programme manager will then contact the peer support person who will ring you.

The peer support person can talk to you over the phone or contact you by e-mail or meet with you. You and the peer support person can work out the best way for you both.

They will be able to refer you to other people if you need help and assistance that the peer support person can’t give you.

The peer support person will have some booklets for you about Live Kidney Donation.

What you and your peer support person talk about is private. You can share those things that worry you about kidney donation or live kidney transplantation with them.

Your peer support person talks to the programme manager, regularly updating them on how things are going. Your peer support person won’t tell the programme manager all that you have talked about, but will say general things – such as, that you have talked about what happens in hospital or how you might feel after the operation.