LKDA's programme is intended to be developed from the Counties-Manukau region – Manukau City, Franklin District and Papakura District. Consequently, it has strong connections with the communities of Counties-Manukau, with Maori, Pacific Islands and other groups with a high representation in the region.

At  CMH (Counties Manukau Health) we have the greatest number of End Stage Kidney Disease in the country. Previous research shows that we have the lowest statistics pertaining to live kidney donation.

There has been a lack of clear and understandable information about the realities of end stage kidney disease and the relative outcomes of transplantation.

There has perhaps been a lack of focus by pre-dialysis educators and renal physicians on pre-emptive transplantation. There has instead been a focus on dialysis, there by influencing patients and their families to proceed down this track in preference to transplantation.

With this new project, Live Kidney donation Aotearoa, we hope to make available all information that will  present all the facts and make discussion in the community truly evidence-based.